quote: van der kolk on psychiatric medications

„After conducting numerous studies of medications for PTSD, I have come to realise that psychiatric medications have a serious downside, as they may deflect attention from dealing with the underlying issues. The brain-disease model takes control over people’s fate out of their own hands and puts doctors and insurance companies in charge of fixing their problems.

Over the last three decades psychiatric medications have become a mainstay in our country, with dubious consequences. Consider the case of antidepressants. If they were indeed as effective as we have been led to believe, depression should by now have become a minor issue in our society. Instead, even as antidepressant use continues to increase, it has not made a dent in hospital admissions for depression. The number of people treated for depression has tripled over the past two decades, and one in ten Americans now take antidepresants.“

from chapter 2 of Van der Kolk: „The body keeps the score“ (2014 Penguin Books)